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Top 5 Features Of School Management System

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School management systems help keep track of the minutiae in your school’s day-to-day operations. It’s easy and simple to get so caught up in the details that you lose sight of what’s important—the children and their education. When choosing which school management system to purchase, it’s important to prioritize which features will positively impact your teaching and learning goals.

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A school management system (SMS) allows schools and school districts to manage students, teachers, staff, inventory, cafeteria, activities, and more. It can be difficult to identify and determine which one will work best for your school or district with so many options available. This article lists the top five features of an SMS that will help you select the system that will bring your school its greatest benefits.

 Easy Fees Collection Form

This feature is a must to include in any school management system. The reason is that students are exempted from paying fees at different stages based on their performance. This may also help to improve their attendance and performance. Easy fees collection form helps to maintain a record of all financial transactions by keeping track of fee payments made by students if any.


Online information: The school management system maintains each student and teacher’s data. It also contains all necessary information about schools like address, phone number, mission statement etc. Information is considered confidential and should not be shared with anyone for security purposes and to maintain a good reputation. Education Management Software makes it easy to access information anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is an internet connection from your PC or mobile device with an internet facility.

Roles And Permission Management

Students, parents and teachers have different roles to play at different times in their lives. A school management system must allow for these differences by allowing you to create roles for each type of user on your platform.

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Roles are important because they give every user-specific permissions that can be applied across many features or needed in certain situations. For example, you may want all users to be able to mark items as spam. But this gives teachers only access to edit assignments while students can see only information relevant to them. Additionally, you should plan for change when creating your roles; what if a student becomes an alumnus? You’ll need to update their permissions accordingly.

 Bulk Fees Invoice Generation

You will be able to create bulk invoices for different classes, which can be automatically generated. This means that you can generate multiple invoices in no time at all. It is quick and very efficient and helps keep your school running smoothly!

These invoices can then go straight into your bank account. This will not cause any problems or take up time from someone within your business. Bulk invoice generation helps you ensure that you are running as efficiently as possible. Thus, ensuring that your bank account is never overdrawn.

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Time-Saving: The way these bulk invoice generation systems work saves you so much time within your business. With an automated system like ours, you do not have to worry about manually creating each invoice for each student or class. This is because everything can done with just one click. This saves a lot of your time. Also, SMS allows you to spend more time on other important tasks, such as growing your business.

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Invoice Security: We offer complete security when invoicing your students with our system. We use 256-bit SSL encryption technology, ensuring that every transaction made online is completely secure and safe!

In addition, we do not store any sensitive information. This includes information like your credit card details on our servers. Thus, there is no scope for them to be compromised by hackers.

Class Information Security: Our system also offers security when storing class information.

 Teacher And Staff Management

Teachers (or other staff), students, and parents need to be properly organizes. The school management system should include robust ways to keep track of everyone in your system. Teachers will probably have a wide range of needs in their software; some may want basic scheduling tools, while others require more elaborate online lesson planning tools.

Regardless, if you can’t handle staff members well, you won’t be able to handle student records with ease either. Parents also play an important role in many schools. And thus, it’s important to include features that make communicating with them easy and useful for both sides.

 Expense Management

In addition to tracking your daily spending, you can create budgets for different areas and keep track of them over time. That’s important because budgets don’t stay static from year to year regarding education. School administrators are aware that finances change on an annual basis thanks to fluctuating costs. This includes utilities and transportation—and fluctuating revenue streams—including grants and donations.

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You may not be directly responsible or answerable for handling these changing needs. Still, you can stay aware of how your school is operating financially with a solid expense-management system. If your current system isn’t helping enough or keeping you up-to-date on what’s going on where it matters most, it might be time to consider updating things with a new software tool.


Before deciding on a management system, it’s important to get answers from your colleagues, teachers and students about what they need from such software. This will ensure that when you start using the system in your school, it is meeting everyone’s needs.

When implementing any new software system into your school—especially one that multiple users can access—it’s wise to take an approach similar to when rolling out any new strategy or initiative. For example, you can implement some features with different groups of staff (teachers) at different times or locations within your school. Making sure things are working effectively and that people like how they work before rolling them out will help you avoid making major mistakes and wasting time and resources moving forward.

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