Key Features Of School Management System

Special Feature Of school Management

Key Features Of School Management System

It is very difficult for school authorities to manage numerous activities effectively without making use of the School Management System. The School Management System helps the school authorities assure parents to provide a better educational experience and safety for their children. It is a user-friendly software that reduces the difficulty of maintaining all reports and provides the facility of backup and recovery.

Key Features of School Management System 

Here are the key features of the school management system, previous time traditional paper-based system was very complicated and took a lot of time to manage all the work but now in modern time for modern schools we are presented the the school management system managing all your school work. 

Exams and Timetable Management Feature

It helps to plan the class timings by the availability of both the students and their students. It also ensures that no repetition in the timetable of classes occurs and creates a disciplinary atmosphere. Circulation of emergency and essential information to every student becomes easy when using emails, SMS, and alert notifications.

It eliminates the risk of losing paper-printed timetables and exam schedules by making them live on the Internet. Parents can monitor and instruct their ward to study according to their schedule as parents are notified with this System.

Generate Admit Cards In Minutes

It helps to eliminate the chances of losing Admit Cards because it is over the internet. Making the Admin Cards Smarter by digitally publishing them helps to access the details regarding a particular student when required.

It makes every single detail and information of a student in a single card which ensures safety and strengthens the security. School authorities can generate the School Admit Card easily within a few seconds and can save more time. Admin department faces no hassles Issuing or Renewing Admit Cards because of this software.

Generating Exam Result With More Accuracy

It is a very streamlined or time-saving software. Generating Exam Results with more accuracy is possible with this software. It helps to reduce the use of paperwork maintenance required to secure them for a longer period. Parents can get their ward’s Exam Report without any delays.

They don’t need to visit school and disturb their schedule. Schools can maintain records of every student over a single database and this reduces their load. Staff can better analyze the results and create them easily by making use of the School Management System.

Allow digital methods in payment collection

It allows the parents and fee payers to pay from anywhere at any time using digital methods of payment. Every confidential data of the school is kept in a single database with a higher degree of security. Easy to receive payments because of the cashless transaction fee process without any delays and difficulties.

This software also provides facilities for collecting late fees, fines, and penalties easily and ensures safe payments. All kinds of payment methods are accepted by this system including debit and credit card payment, NEFT, internet banking, etc.

Expense Management Feature

Record all transactions or expenses without appointing a team. Reducing the use of paper works. it is a multitasking software providing many features in one place. It manages tasks like admission, data storage, and scheduling classes. that reduce the cost of appointing staff for these tasks. It provides automatic bank treaties, automatic reminders before due dates, automatic reminders for late fees, and complete transaction history.

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