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3 Best Documents Management Tools for School Teachers

The PDF was developed by Adobe Systems, which presently has dominance in the portable document market. Because they are trustworthy and portable, PDFs are heavily used.PDFs also provide security mechanisms like digital rights management passcode protection and safeguard data privacy.

Users do not need to use the PDF format to complete various tasks involving documents.

There are times when managing a lot of different PDF files might be difficult.

Sharing files that are dispersed across a large area could be very challenging.

It is possible that you are gathering various statistics and reports to give to someone.

One file should be created from all the files or reports that contain the same data.

3 Best Documents Management Tools for School Teachers

Teachers have a pretty tough job and have to deal with a huge load of paperwork every day, and dealing with such a workload is very difficult.

Suddenly, with the impact of COVID across the world, academic institutions were hit the most.

With this, teachers were burdened with even more workload, and it made it extremely difficult for them to manage all the work. 

“Teachers work an average of 10 hours and 40 minutes a day, three hours and 20 minutes beyond the average required work day in public schools nationwide. 4”

“As per, Primary Sources, a study by Scholastic and the Gates Foundation USA,”

Modern technology has made many contributions in this area.

There are modern digital tools that can make our work way easier. 

Our lives have become simpler and more convenient as a result of innovative tools.

1. Google Drive

The purpose of the addition of this online tool/service is to store, arrange, and ease the sharing of documents. 

Google Drive is one of the best document storage and management tools available online today.

It is essentially a “Cloud Storage Platform.”

Cloud storage is a system that allows users to store any type of digital content, such as documents, images, videos, and files of any sort, over the internet.

It not only stores documents online, but it also allows you to create folders, name them, add color tags, and organize your files into them so they are easy to find and access. 

You can also easily share them with others through email or social media. 

The best thing is that you can share any file with 3 different types of permissions, such as editor, commenter, or viewer.

This makes it very easy for teachers to give and take both documents and the information on them.

It has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it easy for everyone in your office or school to use it as well as make changes whenever required without any hassle!

The best thing is that all content within Google Drive is both safe and easily accessible from any device that has access to the Drive account. 


Maintaining records of students is not easy.

It is possible that a teacher may have multiple records of a single student in different files, and this is the case with the whole class as well.

In this case, the number of documents would be just too much to handle for a single teacher. That’s the reason why the merge PDF tool is the list of document management tools.

The primary and sole purpose of this online PDF combiner is to quickly and effortlessly merge all the entered documents into one single document.

This helps the user combine 2 or more files into just 1.

Merge PDF is a renowned and outstanding document combiner tool for this purpose.

Drag and drop is a simple and practical method for uploading PDF files, and it offers a simple and understandable user interface.

It is a straightforward, secure, and focused solution for merging PDF files that guarantees the privacy of your PDF documents management tools.

Similar to this, the PDF combiner tool produces the greatest results while protecting PDF files.

Another perk of this free Merger tool is that it can be used on any modern device, such as a laptop, desktop, or even phone, without any issues.   

3.    PDFSimpli

This 3rd best document management Tool, As a school teacher, you spend a lot of time managing students’ work.

You need to be able to keep track of assignments, grades, projects, and other information related to your students.

In addition, you need to keep track of your work as well.

With so many files of homework, assignments, and exams, teachers do have a hard time checking and editing them.

The best solution for this is a simple and effective PDF editor that enables anyone to upload and edit documents over the Internet.

Teachers can add text, remove and replace text, highlight content, underline text, add a signature, add check marks and other elements and images, as well as so much more. 

With all the controls within the teacher’s hands, they can have good help with such tasks and make them easier to do.


This article covers the topic of document management for school teachers and lists the 3 best tools to help teachers manage documents. 

Teachers have a pretty tough job and have to deal with a huge load of paperwork daily, and dealing with such a workload is very difficult.

Because they provide a complete solution under one roof, online tools like these PDF Utility tools are very helpful and convenient.

In comparison to offline software, which forces you to select from all available premium and paid options before downloading it, online options enable you to work better and much more efficiently.  It also saves you time and reduces your workload, increasing your productivity.

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