How Schools Can Leverage School App To Enhance Student Learning Experience ?


How Schools Can Leverage School App To Enhance Student Learning Experience ?

In the present scenario, the most affecting industry in every country is education institutions. This is because each and every market, office, mall, etc. are open but not schools and it becomes tough to conduct school activities from home. But thanks to the invention of School Management Software which is making work much simpler and easier. The School Management Software is the system with which almost all the activities can be conducted online over a simple server.

School Management Software is beneficial not only for managing different activities and tasks of administration but also for schools to fulfill their set goals and aspirations. It has many sub-apps for teachers, students, and school administration. It is the best way for schools to enhance student learning experience using attendance tracking software, communication with parents, timetable, syllabus, exam, management, and notification system. Let’s discuss these factors here in detail

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Attendance Tracking System

Maintaining an attendance register of scholars and staff requires plenty of effort and accuracy. The School Management Software helps to keep a record of attendance over a web server. This eliminates manual effort from attendance tasks.

All the students attending the class are marked present by default and teachers only just touch the name of the scholar who may be absent which is a time-saving alternative to marking attendance since marking absent students is much more effortless than marking every present student. Now, recording the attendance of each student is just a click game. You can manage the attendance of your students without any errors and omissions using online attendance software.

You can also share the details of students with parents within a short time. This also prevents the bunking off school. Parents can go through the reports and take the required steps to assist their wards to perform better.

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Communication With Parents

To provide a better learning experience to students, the teachers need to communicate regularly with the parents. The School Management System allows parents and teachers to convey their thoughts to each other seamlessly. They can either chat using a school app or email or messaging features for faster communication. When the parents are aware of what is happening in the school through a better communication system, they feel more connected to the school.

The feedback from parents is the most valuable ingredient for teaching students because parents better know their child. With effective communication, parents can also feel relaxed and stress-free about the studies of their child. Recent studies are revealing that proper communication between parents and teachers can indirectly help to encourage the growth of students. When parents and teachers are regularly in touch, students also feel motivated towards the study and this automatically results in growth.

Time Table Management & Syllabus

Time Table Management is the most time and effort consuming task for the school staff. Each class has a unique timetable along with specific subjects and subject – teachers. School Management Software helps in creating timetables for students of each class easily and effortlessly. Moreover, it automatically generates the timetable for teachers and also for their classes and schedules teacher’s events systematically.

This school timetable software offers the flexibility to do manual intervention including overriding some of the rules you have defined earlier in the system. You can allocate a teacher/ professor and subject to the selected time slot as per your requirements.

With the help of SMS, teachers can share updated documents with parents and students. You can easily save these documents on your smartphone or print as a convenience. The syllabus module allows the teachers to post the daily coverage of the syllabus class-wise and reference books/textbooks for the subjects.

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Exam & Management System

Sharing the schedule of exams, or seating arrangement for a particular date; the examination process takes more of your time and energy. With the School Management System, teachers can do the same task without facing any difficulty or troubles.

Parents and students can access all the data through the app and can get updates with the notifications system. Moreover, teachers can also share the results using the app which can be assessed easily by parents and students, no matter where they are sitting.

The right Exam Management Software for school authorities ensures proper management of the examination process from collecting exam fees, creating the question paper, and section-wise performance grades to presenting tabulation of sheets. Quickly generate the marks reports and send them to oldsters instantly with no delay with the easy SMS notification Feature of the Examination Management System

Reminder & Notification Important For Child Safety

Reminder & Notification Parents nowadays have an extra concern about their child’s safety and it’s totally understandable given the circumstances we’re living in. At such times a brief and easy notification to oldsters saying that their child has reached school may be an excellent favor.

The School Management System automatically notifies parents about the status of their child after marking attendance. With the School Management, teachers can also share notifications for the last date of homework and project submission. This way, students may not miss and share the assignments on time.

The academic performance of students automatically improves when they regularly share their homework on time. Also, the college principal and better authorities can post notifications to the teacher about school meetings or other details. Student exam results are notified to all parents with instant SMS messages through the School Exam Management Software.

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